Dutch Design Week - bulthaup Table Talks

For w/ Style we recently visited the yearly Dutch Design Week and the inspirational project space by bulthaup. For the occasion of DDW 2019 bulthaup furnished a space in the Strijp-S area in their well know signature style. They combined b Solitaire tables, made of solid oak, with long Solitaire benches and matching leather covers. This central meeting point was an inviting backdrop for the bulthaup Table Talks series. During this week different workshops, meetings and conversations took place.

We are familiar with the bulthaup accessories and b Solitaire collection, we previously photographed and styled these items for w/ Style. Yet it was nice to see it all in Eindhoven, we also had the pleasure to join bulthaup country manager Tore and Lucia of Good tea stories for a private tea session during the weekend. 

We spent quite some time in this space due to the nice atmosphere and soft music. bulthaup wants to offer a platform for people to share their values, to make connections and to get in conversation with (food) designers, architects, developers, media and other creatives. Therefore they will stay at Strijp-S until March 2020 giving space to new creative ideas. 

In collaboration with bulthaup

w/ Style

Photography beeldSTEIL | Wen van Woudenberg 

Styling Vosgesparis | Desiree Groenendal

Warm Autumn Tones

It has been a while, but I am still inspired by 3daysofdesign an annual design event to discover new concepts concerning interior, furniture and lifestyle in the heart of Copenhagen. A selected group from both Danish and international brands and designers showcase their work all over the city. Next to inspiration, it is also a great way to explore the Danish capital, discover new areas and enter special industrial and historic buildings.

During these days we were invited for some bubbles at Ferm Livings The Home. A beautiful old apartment to experience the feeling of a home decorated by Ferm Living with, naturally, their furniture, lighting and accessories. This apartment is normally not open for the public, so I was very pleased to be able to visit.

It was a warm and inviting welcome, not only because of the nice people and the atmosphere. The apartment and great styling were stunning. A good way to get to know the collection even better. The Mirage blanket got my attention a while ago, yet I’d never seen it in real. The composition of abstract forms is intriguing and makes it a bit artful. Trine Andersen - founder of Ferm Living - created the design of the prints inspired on oases and deserts. 

It’s a lovely addition to my minimal and mostly monochrome interior. For a chance, I didn’t choose a non-color home accessory. Since it’s Autumn I choose the warm Mustard version. Recently I have a crush on brown and beige color tones with a hint of Mustard. It warms up my interior and gives it a cozy feeling. I use the blanket both in- and outdoors. The pattern would also look good against my dark bedroom walls so I might put it on the wall in wintertime..

The Mirage Blanket is made of 100% cotton, jacquard woven. The fabric feels very soft and not too heavy.  Both sides have different colors so I can use it in two ways. The colorful Mustard version or more grey with soft tones. Both sides show the abstract patterns. The blanket is also available in grey and off white and combines very well with the Mirage cushion available within the same collection. 

Photography and styling beeldSTEIL | Wen van Woudenberg

In collaboration with mister design

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Frama Senses

As I mentioned in my Instagram post, Copenhagen is always a good idea. Can’t remember I didn’t come home inspired and motivated after a visit to Denmark’s capital. Yet during 3 Days of Design my mind and phone were loaded with ideas and fresh inspiration. When I get the opportunity I always visit the Frama Studio Store located in the former St. Pauls Apotek in the Nyboder neighborhood.

Other than previous visits, there was the possibility to visit the Frama office and new spaces above the store. I was surprised by all the different rooms, including a small apartment with a kitchen, guest room and bathroom. All decorated with Frama furniture and accessories. 

During the event, Frama collaborated with House of Grey. Both Niels Strøyer Christophersen (founder of Frama) and Louisa Grey the founder of House of Grey, were present to explain Senses. A special curation during the 3 Days of Design event. With the exhibition Senses each space of the Studio Store was an exploration in human senses. “We live in a world where overstimulation from the daily routine, online interactions, consumerism and a shortage of time has become evidently depleting.” 

Frama embodies a straightforward approach to design and aesthetic. I love the minimal design and use of natural materials, The Studio store is located in the former St. Pauls Apothek, which traces back to the 1800s.  A location so special of its own, but even more special with Frama as a resident. It shows their furniture, accessories, the Apothecary collection next to their striking kitchen design. 

Photography Wen van Woudenberg

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Hay Palissade Lounge chair

Years ago I saw the Hay outdoor collection Palissade during Milan Design Week.  I must admit I missed Hay during this years edition. Yet I fully understand their choice to play it big every few years. Last year their presentation was stunning. A beautiful Milanese apartment filled with Hay furniture and accessories, including a big green garden with the Palissade furniture. 

The outdoor collection consists of a table, different benches, stools and (lounge) chairs in light grey, anthracite, olive green, New is a hot galvanized version. I am the lucky owner of a lounge chair in anthracite, which is perfect for my small balcony. However, the Dutch Spring takes its time slowly this year, so the chair is inside at the moment. I like the multi-functional part of the design. It is suitable for both in- and outdoor use. For big and small living. Although the chair is made of galvanized steel with a special powder coating it is not too heavy to place it anywhere I want at home. From my living room to the bedroom and hopefully soon on the balcony when the sun has arrived. 

Hay is a Danish design label founded in 2002. In collaboration with well-known designers, they produce a complete collection from small accessories and lightning to large furniture. The Palissade Low Back Lounge Chair is a design by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec. The French design brothers have been working together for 15 years and have already designed many designer furniture items. In a studio in Paris, they work with their team to bring designs to life. They have collaborated with many famous brands such as Hay. 

In a two-year design process, the designers have continued to perfect the chair so it balances the body. The graphic shape and lines appeal to me. 

Photography and styling beeldSTEIL | Wen van Woudenberg

In collaboration with mister design

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Mosa in Milan w/ Style

This year’s edition of Milan Design Week was definitely one of the best in recent years. Together with Desiree from Vosgesparis and co-owner of w/ Style, I stayed for a full week in town. We visited several area’s, exhibitions and special events. This year we also teamed up with Mosa. The well-known Dutch tiles manufacturer returned to Milan again with an installation called Reflections. It was part of Masterly - the Dutch in Milano, a major event during Milan Design Week.

Every year the Dutch turn Palazzo Francesco Turati, located in the upcoming art and design district 5vie, into a Dutch Pavilion. A selection of country’s best designers, company’s and young talents present their work, while the courtyard is turned into a colorful flower bed of tulips. On the last day of the exhibition all the flowers are hand out to the inhabitants of Milan.

Drawing on Dutch culture and tradition, this year’s Dutch Pavilion in Milan is aligned with this year’s celebrations around a key anniversary linked to iconic painter Rembrandt van Rijn. 2019 is Rembrandt Year in the Netherlands, marking 350 years from the great master’s death. The Dutch Pavilion features a carefully selected constellation of Dutch craft, design, and art professionals. Touching upon themes inspired by Rembrandt’s legacy.


Mosa took the visitors on a journey through space and time with Reflections Their installation, used mirrors as a reference to Rembrandt’s famous self-portraits, in combination with Terra Tones floor tiles and the elements of light and perspective. Sharpness and elegance define Mosa ceramics and this was clearly translated through a calming, modern exhibition with a strong theoretical base. A beautiful minimalistic room with tactile ceramic surfaces featured warm colors and a minimalistic design that kept the overall aesthetic clean and sophisticated.

Mosa introduced three new warm colors to the Terra Tones collection. Mosa scenes floor and wand tiles were used in combination with the portrait of Rembrandt at the entrance of the room, the tiles are available in eight color groups, in four different nuances and textures for a perfect mix and match.

Mosa w/ Style 

We always love to add a personal touch to  each w/ Style collaboration by using the clients products in our own way. For this we styled some stills with a mix of tiles from the Mosa scenes collection and a beautiful Rembrandt self portrait. By creating a table setting, using dark colours, glass and linen, we created our own view on the Rembrandt theme.

Concept, photography beeldSTEIL | Wen van Woudenberg for w/ Style

Concept, text editing Vosgesparis | Desiree Groenendal for w/ Style

In collaboration with Mosa

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