Art Collection

Always had a crush on (fine) art and photography. Reading about art history, collecting photo books and visiting musea. Recently I started to focus on collecting my own modest art collection. 

The perfect place to start this is the world wide web and Instagram for instance. This is how I discovered Lee Jeffries. My latest addition is a limited and signed photo called Lover by this British photographer. I already bought one of his framed black and white portraits earlier. The concrete tile by Betonlab is also an online find. But I saw it at the Centraal Museum Utrecht first and then found out through Instagram it was made by a local designer. 

I live in a small city apartment so a big art wall is difficult. When thinking about this I realized I’m not even sure if I want a fixed ‘Pinterest’ art wall anyway. Like with furniture, I want to be able to move it around the house. It suits me better when furniture and frames are flexible and easy to rearrange. A piece of furniture or image also changes its appearance in a different space and with different light. Also, the color of the background is important and the context with other items in a room. I like to play around with this. 

So no picture-perfect art wall for me, it will constantly be in motion.  It’s going to be a mix of paintings, fine art, objects and photography. A mix of my own photos and of other photographers. I also like different printing and hanging solutions and adjust it to what’s best for the item in question.

Printing your own images is very delicate. For me, Photowall works very easily and fast. The quality of the print is very good and the wooden holder became part of the total look and feel of the poster. I also often use a Moebe Wall Hook for hanging prints and art on the wall. By the design of the wall hook, it hangs slightly off the wall which provides more depth.  Photowall delivers prints in many different sizes. For the black-framed print, I choose a photo I made for a w/ Style project during Milan Design Week last year.

It will take time to discover, build and grow an art collection. It probably will never be totally finished. Yet I love the process. 

Therefore .. to be continued

Photography Wen van Woudenberg

For the love of graphics and architecture

With wallpaper you can provide a lot of atmospheres, it can add a pop of color or a dynamic effect in just a moment. I always loved to see the use of wallpapers in interior and design magazines. But I never had it at my home. I must admit I never looked forward to applying the wallpaper to the wall. I thought it was difficult to do it neatly and beautifully. But.. I was wrong! 

The Lines wallpaper by Ferm Living was very easy to work with. Of course, it may not be the most difficult print, but the Lines dessin perfectly fits my interior. It’s subtle and very graphic, it blends right into my love for straight lines and architecture. I choose the Cashmere color, a warm beige tint. At home I have a color palette of white, warm grey, black with brown (wooden) tones. So Cashmere works very well and contributes to the warmth in the space. The golden lines bring a subtle shine and change with different types of light. I really like it when natural light influences wall colors during the day. 

The Lines Wallpaper comes in several beautiful colors. Besides Cashmere, you can also choose between Dark Blue, Offwhite, Graphite, Grey or Mint. The paper is firm and thick and very easy in use. After cleaning and dusting the wall I added the ready-to-use wallpaper glue. The non-woven wallpaper is easy to apply (and to remove if you prefer a change after a while). A fun thing to do actually with an instant and lovely effect. 

Coloredwalls is a new webshop by MisterDesign. It provides wallpapers by luxury brands like Ferm Living, Moooi, Arte and Cole & Son. With lots of choices in designs: (botanical) flowers, animals, concrete or geometric shapes. It comes in many colors, from bright to more subdued. Ferm Living is well-known for special home accessories. I have some Ferm Living designs at home so my choice of wallpaper was clear from the beginning!

Photography and styling beeldSTEIL | Wen van Woudenberg

In collaboration with Coloredwalls

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Scandinavian Design

Sleepover: NORR11 Fin Side Table

As I told you in a previous blog post, I work at the finest Scandinavian Design store in Utrecht. At KECK&LISA Wonen we are happy to welcome NORR11 as a new brand. Last year in Copenhagen I visited their showroom during 3 Days of Design and I was impressed by their collection. NORR11 has its own view on combining traditional and modern Nordic design. Also the use of materials and finish is very detailed and of good quality. 

It is hard to choose a favorite design, yet the Fin Side Table was love at first sight. This small side table looks simple at first, yet the clever design makes Fin very versatile and beautiful. Especially the three legs provide the table its special character. The design of the legs gives the side table a different appearance from various angles. Slim and graceful, or more strong and sturdy. The table is made of solid oak wood and comes in Natural, Dark Stained, Black and Smoked. I was lucky to have the Dark Stained version at home for a few days. A very welcome sleepover! 

Photography and styling beeldSTEIL | Wen van Woudenberg

In collaboration with KECK&LISA Wonen

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