Brokis Muffin Tea Light Holder

Days are slowly getting longer, Spring is on its way. But there is always time to light a candle. Especially when it’s as beautiful as the Brokis Muffin Tea Light Candle Holder. You probably know Brokis from their glass lamps, the Muffin collection. A completely new look at lamp design in my opinion. 

The Brokis Muffin Tea Light Holder is a design by Lucie Koldova and Dan Yeffet. Born from the idea of combining wood with a mouth-blown glass top. As an extension to the Muffin lamp series, the foundation of the lightning brand Brokis. What I like is the glass on top of the wooden base which provides an atmospheric light. The light flows into the room with various tones and shades. Any imperfections in the glass such as minimal air bubbles or color differences arise from the traditional working method with which the Muffin candle holder is created. It makes every candle unique and special.

The total design is manufactured in the Czech Republic which exudes quality and craftsmanship. The smokey grey glass diffuser and wooden base of the tea light holder are two separate elements. It makes it possible to easily put a tea light in the base and then place the glass cap over it. The wooden base is available in oak or walnut. I choose the walnut version because of its warm look in combination with the smokey grey. 

Brokis was founded in 2006 bij Czech entrepreneur and engineer Jan Rabell. Today Brokis designs and produces beautiful lamps in all shapes and sizes. Mostly hand-blown glass combined with pure materials such as wood and metal. A Muffin lamp is out of my reach, so I am very glad to enjoy the tea light version!

Photography and styling beeldSTEIL | Wen van Woudenberg

In collaboration with mister design

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Scandinavian Design

For my much needed dose of Scandinavian design I always visited the store Emma b in the heart of the city center of Utrecht, my hometown. I love to walk through the city, have a coffee stop and get inspired by local stores and designers.  I’ve been going to the store for years, it’s located on the beautiful historical Oudegracht 218. To see the new collection of mostly Danish brands like Hay, MuutoFerm Living and Menu.

The funny part is that I now get my dose of Nordic design almost every day because I work there. It perfectly fits my freelance work as a photographer and interest in Scandinavian lifestyle, design and interior. The store is also part of another lovely store in Utrecht called KECK&LISAEmma b continues as KECK&LISA Wonen. The Scandinavian atmosphere remains the same, and we added some new brands: Frama, NORR11 and String Furniture

Since I have worked at the store I have got to know the Finnish brand Marimekko and its ollection much better. Of course, I knew the brand already.. anybody who has a link with Scandinavia has at least one Marimekko item at home. Besides that it’s good design it’s also part of a lifestyle. Their collection is versatile. From tableware, fabrics to clothes and accessories. We are happy to have a big part of the beautiful tableware in store, also the new Terra collection made of beautiful matte brown ceramic. A personal favorite.

On the occasion of the new store name I did a photoshoot with some favorite brands: Marimekko and Ferm Living. Both the Frama Adam Stool and String Pocket as perfect models. It shows how different brands easily can be combined to create a whole new atmosphere. That’s what I like so much about Scandinavian design and all the brands we have at KECK&LISA Wonen. We are not only specialized in accessories, furniture and lighting. We also advice on interior design and styling. Hope to see you there!

Photography and styling beeldSTEIL | Wen van Woudenberg

In collaboration with KECK&LISA Wonen

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