Stoff Nagel Candle Holder

A true icon in design is the Stoff Nagel candle holder designed by Werner Stoff on behalf of Hans Nagel in the 60s. Merely 20 years after the end of world war II, Hans Nagel met the architect and artist Werner Stoff in the design community of Cologne. Nagel had long been interested in making beautiful things for the dinner table, while Stoff had been working as a performing artist and had developed his own signature line of rounded objects. Their shared loved for good design and passion for art sparked a creative match.

Nagel told Stoff he was struck by an idea during a skiing vacation in The Alps. An accidental backward tumble forced him to break the fall with his hand, thus creating the finest three finger-holes in the snow. The perfect holes brought a candle holder to his mind.. a beautiful and simple design with room for three slim candles. Danish design company Stoff Copenhagen re-launched the timeless icon using Nagel’s original drawings.

I really love the story behind the design of the candle holder. Coincidence and passion that turns into a extra ordinary and timeless design. The Stoff Nagel candle holder is very versatile. It can be used as a single element or combined and stacked into unique shapes. And it’s not just a candle holder, with of without candles it’s a beautiful sculpture as well. I am the lucky owner of the black holders and the Nagel Antique. Each antique candle holder is hand-painted so it’s impossible to find two completely identical ones. The beauty of the antique candle holder is that it patinates and can get traces of use over time, it makes each antique candle holder even more unique.

The perfect candles for the Stoff Nagel candle holder are from Ester&Erik. A Danish family-owned company specialized in making high-quality candles since 1987.  The handmade candles are made out of paraffin wax. The long and tapered shape with a cone-shaped bottom fits perfectly in the Stoff Nagel candle holders.

Photography and styling beeldSTEIL | Wen van Woudenberg

In collaboration with mister design, Stoff Nagel

Candles: Ester&Erik

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w/ Style Agency: unique visual concepts

w/ Style is an unique collaboration between Vosgesparis  and beeldSTEIL. Blogger and interior stylist Desiree is founder and owner of Vosgesparis. I am a photographer, image stylist and owner of  beeldSTEIL. After our annual trips to Milan to visit the Design Week, countless cups of coffee and collaborations on different projects, we decided to work together. Although we both have our unique style, we share an interest in visuals, minimalism and interior design, By working together we inspire each other, it brings out the best in both of us. The results of which can be seen in our projects

Individually we have been working as creatives for over ten years, creating unique visual content for different Dutch and international leading interior and lifestyle brands. Both of us actively maintain our individual projects and aim to collaborate as much as possible. Expanding the online coverage and impact, with three websites, two blogs, and multiple social media channels. w/ Style agency focuses on visual concepts, photography, and styling concerning interior design, brand experience, look books, editorials, and cross-media campaigns. 

 Contact us if you are looking for

. two creative minds

. professional photography and (image) styling

. styling and professional photography of your brand, retail space, stand, or event

. unique and customized visual concepts

. online brand awareness and analyse

Concept: w/ Style 

Styling: Vosgesparis

Photography & image styling: BeeldSTEIL

Arum Wall Lamp

It took me some time to find a beautiful and special design lamp for my bedroom. Atmospheric but also good for reading in the evening. The Arum Wall Lamp Tall by Ferm Living turned out to be perfect. The black lamp suits the dark painted walls very well. During the day - when not in use - the Arum lamp looks like a beautiful sculpture.

We all know Danish brand Ferm Living and they keep surprising me with new styles and designs. The Arum Wall Lamp is from their latest collection. It is inspired by the shape of a plant: Arum. The lampshade looks like a leave hanging from a branch. I like the industrial and at the same time soft organic design.

The Arum wall lamp perfectly matches the Farrow and Ball wall painting. The dark wall paint color is called Off-Black, the lighter warm grey is color Worsted. At first I found it a bit exciting to paint two tird of the room in such a dark color, yet I wouldn’t want it any different. After staying in a total dark bedroom at the VIPP Loft in Copenhagen I wanted to give it a try at home because I slept so well. My bedroom provides bad daylight so I thought I better make it dark. It worked out very well, the room is so much cozier now. The lighter grey wall is close to the window and reflects the natural light during the day.

The Arum lamp comes in a floor, table and (tall) wall lamp. Both the floor and table lamp have a solid marble base. All Arum lamps come in two colors: Black and Cashmere (a warm beige tint). I choose the tall version because it emphasizes the height of the room. The look of the lamp and the shadow on the wall depends on how the natural light comes in. It’s different at any time of the day.

The tall frame is made of powder-coated metal, the lampshade of pressed aluminum. Powdercoated on the outside, off-white on the inside. This makes the light much softer. 

Photography and styling beeldSTEIL | Wen van Woudenberg

In collaboration with mister design

Farrow and Ball wall colors: Off-Black, Worsted

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