#shotbybeeldsteil STUART Interior Hub

Recently I had the pleasure to photograph STUART Amsterdam Interior Hub. A brand new showroom for interior designers and architects. A great place to obtain inspiration and information for various interior projects. One of the brands is NORR11, definitely one of my favorite Danish design companies. 

STUART officially opens its doors during GLUE Amsterdam. A four-day design route through the city from 16-19 September. 

Photography and styling beeldSTEIL | Wen van Woudenberg

Location: STUART Amsterdam Interior Hub

Design Home Office

Clean desk policy suddenly became clean living room policy. But even when you live small you can work from home in a beautiful and comfortable way! 

The benefits of working from home are an atmospheric and calm environment. An open window for fresh air and music in the background. Music or the radio softly playing definitely improves my motivation and inspiration. The Ferm Living 2x2 Organizer fits my interior style perfectly and keeps the clutter away and the desk organized. In the living room/kitchen I have a big table from Thonet. Thonet also has beautiful working desks, like the S1200. A classic design desk is on my wishlist for years already. But I live in a small city apartment so there is no space for a separate working space area and I don’t want to live in an office with the computer on the table all the time. So I made some changes to the shelving system in the living room. 

The String Furniture shelving system is perfect. You can quickly and easily adapt it to another function. I already have this system for years, so for me it was it was obvious to expand it further with a desk to create an extra working space. I choose the Walnut version, like the shelves. Because of the system it adjustable to your own height. Which is convenient for me, because I am tall and most desks a bit to low for me. Besides a good working desk, bright and good lightning is very important. Just like a good chair that contributes to a good sitting posture. 

My next step is to find that perfect chair. One that fits both my interior and the String office setting and is good and healthy for a working day from home. I am not very good in sitting still so an adjustable working and balance stool might be a good solution. It also does take less space than a chair. For now, I am happy with this comfortable and beautiful home working solution!

Photography and styling beeldSTEIL | Wen van Woudenberg

In collaboration with MisterDesign

Computer Stand by Toimii

Design & Food

What’s not to like about playing with beautiful ceramics and my favorite food. And not to forget chocolate.. It goes without saying that I enjoy this at home and alone. The current situation needs no further explanation and the food tasted just as good. The wonderful Inku collection designed by top chef Sergio Herman for Serax was the inspiration for my photos. It also goes without saying that design and food make a very good combination.

The Japanese Wabi-Sabi  ‘Art of Imperfection’ was the starting point for the Inku series. Every piece has a character of its own. Due to the production process and the glaze finish, no item is exactly the same. The tableware collection exists of plates, bowls, cups and pastry bowls in different sizes and designs. Available in two colors: White and Dark Green. The dark green looks like anthracite or black, depending on how it catches the light. The Inku collection is refined and almost looks a bit fragile, but it is tough with a bit sober look due to the colors and minimalistic design. which refers to nature and Japanese blossom. I like the abstract shapes, it is very photogenic too.

It is clear what my favorite food is and that it fits in perfectly with Inku’s design and philosophy. Any food would look wonderful on this ceramic tableware.  Also deserts and chocolate, especially on the Inku Pastry Bowl. Which is very versatile and certainly not only for sweets. I use it for several purposes. As a display for herbs and spices on the kitchen counter for example.

Even a single Inku item makes your table or coffee break more beautiful with the look of a graphic ceramic blossom. For the best food and design experience, you have to visit Le Pristine Brasserie in Antwerp. It is definitely on my wish list!  Do you like more inspiration on how to use the Serax Inku series? Then also read the post of my w/ Style partner Vosgesparis.

Photography and styling beeldSTEIL | Wen van Woudenberg 

In collaboration with Serax and w/ Style

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