Frama Senses

As I mentioned in my Instagram post, Copenhagen is always a good idea. Can’t remember I didn’t come home inspired and motivated after a visit to Denmark’s capital. Yet during 3 Days of Design my mind and phone were loaded with ideas and fresh inspiration. When I get the opportunity I always visit the Frama Studio Store located in the former St. Pauls Apotek in the Nyboder neighborhood.

Other than previous visits, there was the possibility to visit the Frama office and new spaces above the store. I was surprised by all the different rooms, including a small apartment with a kitchen, guest room and bathroom. All decorated with Frama furniture and accessories. 

During the event, Frama collaborated with House of Grey. Both Niels Strøyer Christophersen (founder of Frama) and Louisa Grey the founder of House of Grey, were present to explain Senses. A special curation during the 3 Days of Design event. With the exhibition Senses each space of the Studio Store was an exploration in human senses. “We live in a world where overstimulation from the daily routine, online interactions, consumerism and a shortage of time has become evidently depleting.” 

Frama embodies a straightforward approach to design and aesthetic. I love the minimal design and use of natural materials, The Studio store is located in the former St. Pauls Apothek, which traces back to the 1800s.  A location so special of its own, but even more special with Frama as a resident. It shows their furniture, accessories, the Apothecary collection next to their striking kitchen design. 

Photography Wen van Woudenberg

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