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In October we visited Malmö for a couple of days. A charming Swedish city not far from Copenhagen. In fact, it took only 20 minutes by train to get to the beautiful Danish capital. I always feel at home in the Nordic countries and visited Copenhagen a lot, I still take every chance to go. This time we planned a visit to the studio of Oliver Gustav

Oliver Gustav is a creative consultant with a focus on aesthetic development, art, interior and exterior design. With a showroom and store in Copenhagen and a gallery in New York city. A visit was on my wishlist for a while and can’t wait to go back already. The building is beautiful on its self, yet the interior makes it complete. A combination of modern art and interior with raw and antiques. Each room radiates a different atmosphere from bright and serene to moody and dramatic. 

The mix of rawness, art and pure materials like wood and linen in combination with strong aesthetics, appeals to me. Looking forward seeing the studio again, we are planning our next w/ Style trip to Copenhagen!

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Photography beeldSTEIL | Wen van Woudenberg

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