Coffee Table Photo Album

Especially in the digital time, I believe photos have more meaning when printed. It is nice to have a physical product in your hands and also very easy to create a flexible art wall collection. To collect, archive and present the printed images I use the photo album books by the Swedish company Kaila.

The album is designed like a coffee table book and therefore it blends in perfectly with other books and my interior style. The cover is lined with black fabric to give it the look of an exclusive book. Inside the album is a ring binder with 30 solid black sheets. Which provides 60 sides for saving images and all the space and opportunity to create my own layout. All Kaila photo books have a subtle sign on the front and spine of the book. There are several sign designs and even words to choose from.

The photo books are not only very useful but also a beautiful and clean way to present photographs in a different yet professional way. Depending on the type of photography and assignment. I’d like to coordinate this fully, so all the details are well thought out and match the content of the images

Kaila is a new Swedish brand that focuses on Nordic design and quality based on the classic Swedish style which is characterized by simplicity, elegance and functionality with a modern twist. These books fully comply with this concept.

Photography beeldSTEIL | Wen van Woudenberg

In collaboration with BGA Sweden

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