Autumn is here

We were lucky to have some beautiful after summer days this month. It was a mediocre summer so we all longed for a few bright days before Autumn. Now the mornings and evenings are becoming chilly. But despite the changeable weather, Autumn is a favourite season.  

The light has something special, which is good for photography. I love to run in the coloured woods, trying to catch every sunbeam. And after a stormy day, it’s always a pleasure to come home, have a drink and a warm blanket with some good reading material within reach. Both indoors and outdoors on the small balcony of my city apartment I enjoy fall.  

My favourite covering is the Cross Blanket. A well-known design by Pia Wallen. A small Swedish family business that produces fine organic cotton in Peru in the traditional way. The characteristic Cross design was introduced by Wallen in the early nineties. The cross dessin has its roots in the Swedish folk art tradition as a symbol of hope. The cross played a major role in the designs of Pia Wallen. I like the design because of its simplicity and the repetition in the pattern.

Also, I love the size, the blanket comes in a mini and big version. The biggest one is probably intended for a double bed. But I like to wrap it around me when having my first coffee in the morning. Besides the size, I fell for the softness of the fabric. The Cross blanket is made of 100% bio cotton.  Even after washing it is still soft and very comfortable. And last but not least: design matters. The iconic cross is minimal and fits my interior very well. Both the black/white and the grey/white version (I must admit I have them both..). More colours available are red-orange, camel and midnight blue. 

Photography and styling © beeldSTEIL | Wen van Woudenberg

In collaboration with mister design

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