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Next to photography drawing always had my attention. I really enjoy the process from an idea via a rough sketch to a final drawing. I decided to turn a blank canvas into a personal piece of work.  In this case, I chose a graphic monochrome drawing I spend hours drawing by hand. The idea and pattern were born in my daily sketchbook. Slowly the white page of this art book filled itself using black fineliners. 

Thereafter I digitized the original drawing. Once it was turned into a jpg file it was tempting to touch up imperfections that arise automatically when you draw by hand. Though I chose not to, I like the authentic handmade appearance. The only thing important was to resize it so it could be printed in a larger size. When it arrived it was great to see it so big and in good quality. It turned out to be an accessible way to create a unique and personal art piece. 

So an online photo print service is ideal to turn ideas into a physical product, not just photographs. Regarding finish, sizes and materials there are a lot of possibilities. It is important to adjust the finish to the type of work. For this graphic black and white sketch, I found the canvas option the best. All the sides of the frame are finished in black so it feels like part of the drawing. It was delivered with an easy wall mount, yet I also like to place it on a side table or the floor. I even use it as a backdrop or flat lay for photography and styling.

I will be sharing more ideas of creative and personal (photo) print possibilities in the upcoming months.

Photography, styling & drawing by beeldSTEIL | Wen van Woudenberg

In collaboration with Fotocadeau

Form and Function

A vase is just a vase. I like it when form and function go well together. Beautiful when filled with flowers or branches, a special sculpture when empty. That’s why the Vitra Nuage Vase is so perfect.

The Nuage Vase in ceramic is a design by the French brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Vitra. The cloud-like shape characterizes their designs. There are three different sizes and heightsof the Nuage. Each vase can be used as a single eye-catcher or combined together to create a composition. In addition to aluminum, this vase series is also available in a creamy ceramic. 

I have several Vitra designs at home, from small furniture to home accessories. New or used, much loved and well taken care of. Special items that will far outlast the time of mass production. Like humans, more characteristic and unique with age. Because it is designed and made with care, it also lasts much longer. Luckily more and more interior design companies are paying attention to this. 

Vitra has been producing beautiful and unique chairs, tables, lamps and accessories since the 1950s. The strength of the brand is its collaboration with the world’s most renowned designers, including Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. The brothers have been working together for 15 years and have designed many home accessories and furniture. This vase is a good example of their versatility in design. I don’t want to hide a vase when it is not in use so I have several vases collected in my String Furniture wall cabinet which serve as both a vase and a sculpture. I pay extra attention to this when purchasing a new vase.

The creamy white of the ceramic Nuage is a fine, soft color that combines well in my interior with whites, greys, browns, black and natural greens. It is a soft addition, both because of the color and the round shapes. Each vase is finished by hand, which makes every piece unique. 

Photography beeldSTEIL | Wen van Woudenberg

In collaboration with mister design

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Coffee Table Photo Album

Especially in the digital time, I believe photos have more meaning when printed. It is nice to have a physical product in your hands and also very easy to create a flexible art wall collection. To collect, archive and present the printed images I use the photo album books by the Swedish company Kaila.

The album is designed like a coffee table book and therefore it blends in perfectly with other books and my interior style. The cover is lined with black fabric to give it the look of an exclusive book. Inside the album is a ring binder with 30 solid black sheets. Which provides 60 sides for saving images and all the space and opportunity to create my own layout. All Kaila photo books have a subtle sign on the front and spine of the book. There are several sign designs and even words to choose from.

The photo books are not only very useful but also a beautiful and clean way to present photographs in a different yet professional way. Depending on the type of photography and assignment. I’d like to coordinate this fully, so all the details are well thought out and match the content of the images

Kaila is a new Swedish brand that focuses on Nordic design and quality based on the classic Swedish style which is characterized by simplicity, elegance and functionality with a modern twist. These books fully comply with this concept.

Photography beeldSTEIL | Wen van Woudenberg

In collaboration with BGA Sweden

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