Sleepover: NORR11 Fin Side Table

As I told you in a previous blog post, I work at the finest Scandinavian Design store in Utrecht. At KECK&LISA Wonen we are happy to welcome NORR11 as a new brand. Last year in Copenhagen I visited their showroom during 3 Days of Design and I was impressed by their collection. NORR11 has its own view on combining traditional and modern Nordic design. Also the use of materials and finish is very detailed and of good quality. 

It is hard to choose a favorite design, yet the Fin Side Table was love at first sight. This small side table looks simple at first, yet the clever design makes Fin very versatile and beautiful. Especially the three legs provide the table its special character. The design of the legs gives the side table a different appearance from various angles. Slim and graceful, or more strong and sturdy. The table is made of solid oak wood and comes in Natural, Dark Stained, Black and Smoked. I was lucky to have the Dark Stained version at home for a few days. A very welcome sleepover! 

Photography and styling beeldSTEIL | Wen van Woudenberg

In collaboration with KECK&LISA Wonen

Enter the room

Since a few years I moved to a small city apartment in my hometown Utrecht, a charming old town in the middle of The Netherlands. Within cycling distance of the old city center and canals. I don’t mind living small, it’s cozy and makes you more creative about the interior. I use different accessories and I have a few good basics like a String cabinet, a big wooden Thonet table and the Togo lounge chair. All my furniture is easy to move. Not only because I like to make changes. It’s also because I use my home for working and photography projects. 

A well-known and easy way to make a room look bigger is the use of a mirror. It provides more depth and it reflects the light. With this mirror, you’d love to enter any room. The Enter mirror is a minimal and classic design, the result of a collaboration between New York-based Søren Rose Studio and Danish - Copenhagen based - Ferm Living. Founded bij Trine Andersen in 2005. Her brand started with wallpaper (more on this on the blog soon) and is now one of the best known Danish interior design brands.

Most of my walls are colored in a grey, beige or anthracite tone. I started with one wall in a dark color in my bedroom. Gradually all walls turned dark. The room is very bright so I took the risk. It turned out very well. I love the warm and cozy feeling, it even makes me sleep better. 

The Enter mirror is a combination of powder-coated steel, mirror glass and leather. In particular the leather detail provides the mirror character, it distinguishes from regular mirrors. I like the brown leather strap on the dark wall in combination with the wooden shelves of the String Pocket. The mirror comes in small and large. With brown and black leather. I choose the small version to add a striking detail on the wall.

Photography and styling beeldSTEIL | Wen van Woudenberg

In collaboration with mister design

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