Milano Into Marble

I have seen so many beautiful brands and installations in Milan last April it took me a while to go through all the images. For my blog I didn’t know where to start, so I decided to start with the final day when I visited a marble exhibition created by Nendo. On my way, I enjoyed a sunny morning walk through the Brera district. A very lively area with exhibitions, unique stores and coffee bars. I love strolling through the small streets of this big city.

 This beautiful poetic exhibition was called ’Into Marble’. Created by Japanese studio Nendo for the Italian company Marsotto Edizioni. The installation comes to life from water, turning into a suggestive landscape of original shapes. It consists of a new collection of marble furniture by Nendo together with the iconic works of well-known designers like James Irvine, Jasper Morrison, Ross Lovegrove and Swedish Thomas Sandell. Though all the shapes are made of marble, the surface and edges seem very soft. Gentle ripples were added on the top of the surfaces to accentuate this soft appearance. During my visit I was the only one person in the room for a short moment. It felt so calm and serene during these hectic (yet not to missed) Milano days.

Photography beeldSTEIL | Wen van Woudenberg

Star Bench

Looking forward to sunny days, drinking my morning coffee outside. Though I love the Emu garden bench indoors too. During Autumn and Winter I have it inside for extra storage space, as a nice styling element or at the kitchen table. All good and nice.. but I can’t wait to put it outside again. My balcony is cozy but small so an eyecatcher was needed, yet I also wanted a comfortable sitting. 

This bench is part of the Star collection, which also exists of chairs and tables in a variety of colors. I chose the matt black bench, big enough for two. The combination of the minimal lines and the black turns it into a graphic element.

The story behind this brand is remarkable. It is based on experience the designers gained as radio engineers during the second world war. They set up a machine shop specialized in the production of military equipment. In order to comply with the exact technical specifications for these devices, which require a high resistance to weather conditions, it was important to protect the metal parts by means of plasticization. This Italian company used this knowledge and got specialized in metal garden furniture since 1951. This history shows in its solid and timeless character.

Though the bench is made of metal, I have experienced that the comfort is very good. The bench has a metal frame with a steel seat and back support. Thanks to the galvanization and the powder-coated frame the bench is suitable for intensive (outdoor) use. 

Fun fact: the Star bench was specially designed for the Starbucks terraces. So lot’s of good coffee moments in the sun guaranteed. Can’t wait..

Photography and styling beeldSTEIL | Wen van Woudenberg

In collaboration with mister design

Wall color ‘down pipe’ by Farrow and Ball

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Frama Copenhagen

Last weekend was a very inspiring day at the Hoxton Hotel: the HoxHowTo design event styled by w/ Style Agency. You may have seen the Frama stools and bench used in our decoration concept. I love this Copenhagen based brand for its natural and detailed designs. 


Early January we visited Copenhagen. We had two wonderful but busy days so I was glad we booked an extra day. The morning before we left to the airport we had a few hours for a coffee and delicious lunch in town. Also to visit some stores from our wish list. 

The Frama store was definitely one of the highlights. Online I already noticed the impressive wooden laboratory closet, filled with body care products in beautiful bottles. The store space is divided into several smaller rooms and corners. All equally beautiful, it feels more like an exhibition space than a shop. I made several rounds through the space and noticed beautiful new details every round.

Frama Studio operates in various creative fields, like furniture, ceramics, lighting, books and kitchens. They all have in common that they focus on natural materials, simple geometry and a general appreciation of permanency. At home, I am the lucky owner of small - but much appreciated - Frama design: the E27 table light. Made of bronze metal with a black textile cord.

The headquarters and Studio Store is located in central Copenhagen within the historic and protected neighbourhood of Nyboder. Located in a former pharmacy established in 1878. Other Frama Studio Stores are located in Oslo, Stockholm and New York. 

Photography beeldSTEIL | Wen van Woudenberg

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