Photography w/ Style

Our w/ Style projects provide me so much inspiration and joy. We offer visual concepts, professional photography, styling and cross-media campaigns. Recently we did a photoshoot again, this time a kitchen shoot with one of our favorite brands Serax. With the Cosentino countertop in Desiree’s kitchen as a beautiful backdrop.

The Surface cookware by Sergio Herman via Serax was perfect for this shoot. The abstract look and feel goes well with the dark tough look of the kitchen. The concrete appearance of the FCK tableware by Frédérick Gautier - also for Serax - is a striking element in combination with the vegetables. This tableware is simple and functional, I love the technique Gautier used to create the collection: a rare clay variety found in France. The FCK collection is available in white, grey and red. For this photoshoot, we only used the white and grey tones to accent the monochrome feeling and let the food pop out. No FCK piece is the same and therefore brings life in every image. 

As a photographer, I like to play with different structures and materials like this. How the daylight falls on the surface and each material reacts on its own. Playing with shadows and the fact that the light changes every second, makes you have to improvise and stay creative also during the whole shooting day. We always plan and prepare our photography days very well, yet natural light goes its own way. Fortunately, because it provides wonderful surprises.

In collaboration with Serax and Cosentino

Concept w/ Style

Styling Desiree Groenendal

Photography Wen van Woudenberg

Blomus photo shoot w/ Style

Glad to have had a photoshoot again! Missed the inspiration and teaming up together. It is also always a pleasure to work with the wonderful Blomus collection, as we did before.  Their minimalistic and functional design perfectly fit our w/ Style aesthetics and we love how the brand sticks to their belief in the honesty of materials and the purity of shape. Through our own styling and photography, we would like to offer you a sneak peek of their 2020 collection.

A great addition to the new collection, is the Around studio stool. Available in warm beige ‘Nomad Sand’, ‘Steel Grey’ and a lighter grey version called ‘Mourning Dove’. The combination of warm wood with solid steel accentuates its authentic industrial look and feel. The height can be adjusted as desired which makes the studio stool multi-functional. 

The Blomus 2020 collection includes a lot of new products for the kitchen and table. Like the wine glasses and water bottles from the Fuum series and beautiful table textiles. We love runners and soft linen napkins in natural color tones. It provides instant coziness and ambiance in a casual way.

And of course we have a crush on the tableware and ceramics. So we mixed bowls from the Reo collection in combination with Sablo plates in different sizes. Both collections offer a wide range of coordinated sizes while REO is also available in different colors for mixing and matching. When choosing the items for our shoot the ceramic Sablo tableware series, designed by Frederike Martens, immediately stood out. It takes its inspiration from natural materials. Like sand, clay and water. Also soft shapes and round edges characterize these items. 

The salt and peppermill Salti in the color ‘Nomad’ and ‘Moonbeam’ make a pretty couple in any kitchen. We combined it with the Reo storage tray, made of powder coated steel in the colour ‘Rustic Brown’.  

This season marks the introduction of products by talented young international designers lending their imagination, dedication, and unique sense of shape to the aesthetic world of Blomus. Get inspired!  Behind the scene - from a design perspective.

In collaboration with Blomus

Concept w/ Style

Styling Desiree Groenendal

Photography Wen van Woudenberg

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