Photography, visual concepts, styling and fine art

BeeldSTEIL is a Dutch agency for photography, visual concepts, styling and fine art. 

Specialized in BEELD (photography, visual concepts, brand experience, storytelling design, interior) and STEIL (still life, styling, interior design, travel, lifestyle).

BeeldSTEIL works with a wide range of brands and clients. Both commercial as private and cultural. Home and abroad.



News, behind the scenes, styling and photography, my home, tips and inspiration on brands, interior design, lifestyle, travel and events.

UPDATE: Introducing w/ Style agency


Come and meet us! 

Hox How To - Hone Your Eye For Interiors on Feb the 4th at the Hoxton Amsterdam. Workshops, panel talks and w/ Style design, interior and travel inspiration


 'I Share What I See' 

A visual story with daily creative visuals, views and inspiration

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w/ Style Agency

Unique collaboration between Vosgesparis  and beeldSTEIL. Styling, photography, visual concepts, brand experience, editorials, travel and events.

w/ Style

member of DuPho Dutch professional Photographers organization

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